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You can download the current SoloWiki releases from Sourceforge.

One of the project goals is to help people with low bandwidth, then binary releases are provided in order to lower file size. Source code is released in a separate file.

All released files can be found in Sourceforge download page.

Binary release

Be sure to check your Java Runtime Environment version in order to choose the right package.

Binary releases come in three flavours:

Just pick the one you need and decompress the archive in a place of your choice.

The lib package contains the Java Wikipedia API library, JMathTeX and other libraries in the lib directory, be sure to keep that directory in the same path of the main jar file.

The full package also contain Swing Layout Extensions library, used to render the graphical user interface

Version 0.3 introduced many new features. These features require external libraries, then SoloWiki-0.3 is equivalent to SoloWiki-0.3-lib.

Update must be decompressed in the folder where the previous version was installed (since 0.2.1).

Current version is 0.3

SoloWiki-0.3.zip 1.21MFor new installation on Java 6
SoloWiki-0.3.tar.gz 1.20MFor new installation on Java 6
SoloWiki-0.3-full.zip 1.25MFor new installation on Java 1.5
SoloWiki-0.3-full.tar.gz 1.25MFor new installation on Java 1.5
SoloWiki-0.3.zip 1.21MFor updates (cannot be used with 0.1.x)

Source code

The compressed file contains all the source code, NetBeans GUI design forms and documentation.

Current version is 0.3

SoloWiki-0.3-src.tar.gz 65K
SoloWiki-0.3-src.zip 83K